7 December, 2006

And another thing…

Posted in Abbott and Costello, Alas a Blog, Feminist Issues, Flame Wars, Humor, ms_xeno, Radfem at 1:28 am by Daran


The feminists at Alas continue to derail their own thread2


2Their ownership of the thread is self-proclaimed.

Here’s where “they” (to be precise, ms_xeno) proclaim it.

Or maybe you have genuine respect for Richard or Jake, given that they don’t act like assholes in women’s space every fifteen minutes. It’s remarkable, the ability to tell one man from the other based on their behavior. Even if you’re not hauling their words back to your own boards to play bogus, hypocritical little games of Gotcha’ in the spirit of Daran.

My bold. Contrast with what she says about Richard’s thread

Oh, and Daran, way to go. Complaining about my comments (from this thread) in a thread where you can play “gotcha !” should I dare to post my opinions on your attitude there. Sooooo very clever of you.

No, she wouldn’t dare.

And Radfem:

Strangely, I have no interest in jumping into Richard’s thread and derailing it by saying, “What about the women?” and how many men make false accusations and I’ll give you this example and that one. What, women lie? Never!

I wonder what’s holding me back from just jumping into this thread and doing it. Oh, yeah, I don’t feel like it’s my birthright to do this, simply because I’m female.

Yet they feel entitled to jump on Marcella’s thread. Why?

Is it because she’s female?

Well, yes, actually.

They appropriate a woman’s thread, declare it to be theirs, piss all over it, all the time pontificating about how they would never do the same to a man’s.

The misogyny!


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