16 December, 2006

Tinkering with the Tags

Posted in Blog Status, Blogroll, Great Comments, People at 7:35 am by Daran

As part of a little general maintenance, I’ve added a couple of new categories which require some explanation.

Firstly, I’ve added a ‘People’ category. Hover over the label, and you’ll get a pop up explaining what it’s about: (Note, this only works in the sidebar.)

Who I’m talking to, talking about, or who have made Great Comments.

Hover over the individual person, and it will tell you who they are.

Secondly, I’ve added a “Great Comments” tag. Hover for the explanation:

Added to a post to indicate the presence of a individual comment which, in my opinion, is great, or a great discussion in the comments. If this tag is given to a post, then the other tags may apply to the post, the comments, or both.

Other than this post (which gets both tags, of course) I will never give a post the Great Comments tag initially, but will add it as appropriate, along with (possibly) the people doing the Great Commenting.


I’ve renamed the “Blogroll” to “Miscellaneous Blogs” to better reflect that the blogroll is now in sections. Currently only “Cool Feminist Blogs” (Blogs by Cool Feminists, blogs about Cool Feminists, or blogs about Cool Feminism, your choice) have their own section. The others are an eclectic mix. If I get more than two or three of a particular type, I’ll create a dedicated section for them too.

I’ve also created a “Favourite Blogs” section, admission to which is highly exclusive. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.

(Edited to fix an error.)


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  1. […] (Edit: I have given this post the “Great Comments” tag. Follow the link for an explanation of what this means.) […]

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