10 January, 2007

Announcement – New Blog

Posted in Blog Status at 5:17 pm by Daran

Hugh and I are starting a new blog focussing on feminist criticism, gender politics, plus whatever else we feel like talking about.

In about an hour’s time, (Edit: five minutes) I will close comments in the most active feminist posts/comment here, in preparation to copying them to the new site. (It would be better to close all comments, but I can’t find an easy way of doing that.) Any comments you post after that to any feminist-related thread may not get duplicated, and may be lost altogether.

As soon as the new site is up and running, I will post the URL here.



  1. HughRistik said,


  2. HughRistik said,

    Oh, and I will reply to Jenny’s posts in the Are Men Oppressed? Part 2 thread on the new website.

  3. Daran said,

    Which she won’t be able to see, since I haven’t published the URL.

    Permanent URL will be http://www.feministcritics.org/blog, however that URL doesn’t work yet. (Still waiting for DNS to propagate.)

    Temporary URL is http://feministcritics.nfshost.com/blog.

  4. Daran said,

    Ps. Sorry about the outage. Should be back to normal now.

  5. NYMOM said,

    Why must a whole new blog be started?

    Is this in response to that Brutus’s person’s comments on Creative Destruction. For Pete’s sake if I changed my blog around everytime some anonymous blogger criticized it, I’d be changing it every day of the week, sometimes twice a day…Why do you care what some stranger has to say about your blog?

    Ignore him….

  6. The Tom Nolan Person said,

    No, no. The Brutus person’s remarks were about Creative Destruction only, not about Darain Man.

  7. Daran said,

    Brutus is a co-blogger on Creative Destruction. One can ignore the passers-by, but one must respect ones housemates.

    However, Hugh and I have been discussing this for a while. cddaran.wordpress.com was originally just my personal blog, and that is what it will go back to being. But we decided we wanted we wanted a separate blog for the gender political stuff.

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