18 January, 2007

It’s gone all quiet

Posted in Blog Status at 12:17 pm by Daran

Is anyone still here?



  1. drive by Tom said,


  2. toysoldier said,

    I guess everyone went over to Feminist Critics. I am still around.

  3. Daran said,

    Uh, OK.

    Turn out the lights when you go, will you?

  4. toysoldier said,

    I am afraid of dark places.

  5. Daran said,

    The dark places are in your mind, TS.

  6. toysoldier said,

    Well, that explains why I have so few thoughts.

  7. Daran said,

    By the way, TS, if there are any posts you’ve made on your blog in the past, you’d like to repost on FC, feel free to do so. Alternatively you could send me an export file which I could import, then you could delete any posts you don’t want there, if that’s more convenient. I also have some scripts that will add boilerplate to the top of each post, and convert links.

    Up to you.

  8. toysoldier said,

    I will. I think I made or two posts that are researched enough to count more as analysis other than personal criticism.This past week has been rather stressful. I am sure it will pass, but at the moment I still have difficulty focusing and concentrating. Once I get over the trigger, I will start posting more regularly.

  9. Daran said,

    Sorry, I didn’t intend to put you under pressure.

    Personal criticisms are fine. I didn’t invite you, expecting a HughRistik clone or a Daran clone. Be yourself.

  10. toysoldier said,

    No need to apologize. There was no pressure. I just feel kind of bad having not really contributed to the blog yet.

  11. Dianne said,

    Are you still posting on this blog? It doesn’t seem to be on the Creative Destruction blogroll any more.

  12. Daran said,

    We’re only allowed three links each on CD’s blogroll. TS deserves his link, and I’m still cyber-infatuated by Riba Rambles, so that left only the link here available for substitution.

    Yeah, I intend to continue posting non gender-related stuff here, but probably not very often.

  13. toysoldier said,

    Well, I hope you post more often because I enjoy your posts.

  14. Daran said,

    I’ve done no substantive blogging on any of the sites since I started FCB, largely because administering it has taken up so much time.

    But I will, eventually.

  15. Dianne said,

    I second TS’s hope that you’ll blog more soon.

  16. Daran said,

    Thank you.

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