29 January, 2007

How did you get here?

Posted in Blogosphere, Creative Destruction, Crossposts, Personal Ramblings at 4:52 pm by Daran

(Crossposted between all three blogs I write for.)

It all started for me, with a link from The Register to Seth Finkelstein’s Infothought blog. I found him to be an interesting, somewhat out-of-the-box thinker, so began reading him regularly. Sometime later Lis Riba popped up to ask his advice on getting a high Google Rating for one of her pages. And so she became my second regular read in the blogosphere. High on her blogroll was Alas a Blog. (I knew there was a reason for giving your blog a name beginning with ‘A’.) Unable always to comment as freely as I would like there, I began to comment on Creative Destruction. Shortly thereafter, a messenger arrived at my door bearing a handwritten missive enscribed upon the finest vellum, and laid upon a silken pillow, exhorting me to become a blogger here. (It was either that, or Amp sent me an email, I don’t recall which.)

At that time, WordPress automatically gave you blog if you created an account with them, and obviously I needed an account to blog at CD, and so the blog that was to become DaRain Man was born. I started substantive blogging there after being evicted from Alas during a little flamewar, and I realised that I needed an independent platform of my own. Later when Aegis/HughRistik accepted my offer to co-blog, it was clear that our joint enterprise was going to outgrow the ‘personal blog’ concept. We decided go for a dedicated URL and hosted environment right from the start, rather than go through the agony of changing addresses later, when we were established. Hence Feminist Critics was born.

That’s my story, but how did you get here?


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  1. toysoldier said,

    I suppose I am a little late to respond. My first foray onto the web led me to a site called MASSF that was for male survivors. When the site owner shifted it from a forum to personal journal, I followed many of the other posters to All Survivors and then to Breaking the Silence. From there I found MaleSurvivor and that led me to consider what more I could do to help other survivors. Somehow I ended up on ifeminists and soon found Stand Your Ground and His Side. I bounced around different feminist and men’s groups forums and blogs and happened upon Alas. Earlier last year Creative Destruction appeared in one of my google alerts. Later Daran added my own blog to the site’s blog roll. I followed his blog after the Flame Wars of ’06 and he then invited me to co-blog at Feminist Critics, which I have yet to do on a tangible level.

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