24 December, 2006

First Spam Through the Filters

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Ironically one of them was for male-on-male rape porn. Also the first bulk spam – 26 in one go. Previously I was getting 1-2 per day. It’s downhill all the way from here. 😦

BTW, I anyone sees any spam in an otherwise inactive thread, please bump it to make sure that we see it. I want to keep this place as spam-free as possible.


23 December, 2006

First Co-Blogger

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Who will introduce himself shortly.

17 December, 2006

Nearest Book

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This is entertaining.

The idea is that someone tags you. You then reach for the nearest book to you, turn to page 123, then write down the 5th, 6th, and 7th sentences from that page. (The instructions don’t say whether the last part of the sentence that wrapped from the previous page counts as the first sentence, but I assume it does not.) You then tag three other people.

Unfortunately nobody loveshas tagged me, so I have to masturbate on my ownplay withby myself:
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16 December, 2006

First Blogrolling…

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…not counting Creative Destruction, which I did myself.

Thanks TS, I’ve alreadly got you ‘rolled.

But my links are way cooler than yours, because I’ve got these nice pop-ups when you hover over them.

15 December, 2006

First Blog-related Nightmare

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As I was lying in bed, hovering on the edge of consciousness, I had this feeling that a vicious flame-war had erupted in the comments, and I wasn’t there to moderate it.

14 December, 2006

First Intercepted Spam

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Hot on the heels of my first search engine hit, my first Akismet-intercepted spam message, telling me that “google.com” is the best search engine. I’ve noticed a lot of spam recently purportedly for “google.com” over at Creative Destruction.

I don’t think Google is really spamming. I can think of two explanations for it.

1. The spammer is testing software, spamming strategies or blog defences.

2. The spammed URL isn’t “google.com” at all, but one or more of the letters has been replaced by a visually identical character.

First Search Engine Hit

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‘darain man’

11 December, 2006

Not quite what I intended

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I am now the featured blog for the wordpress tag “Flame Wars“.

Open for Business

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This blog came into being when I joined CD, because at that time, WordPress automatically created a personal blog for you when you opened an account. At that time, I had a feeling that I wanted to do something with it, but I didn’t know what. I do now.

So with a new look and a new sense of purpose that I declare Daran’s Blog open for business.

8 November, 2006

Download your Blue Screen of Death .. from Microsoft

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Download your Blue Screen of Death .. from Microsoft

Is this the most beautiful waterfall in the world?

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Is this the most beautiful waterfall in the world?