12 December, 2006

DaRain Man

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Lifts head above parapet, and looks wearily from side to side

Does anyone remember the film “Rain Man“, and how the titular character, a profoundly autistic “savant”, was enraptured by the Abbott and Costello Skit “Who’s on First?” To him it’s a puzzle. He tries to figure out what it means, but he can’t solve the problem, because there is no solution. It doesn’t mean anything. But Rain Man can’t see this, so he keeps on trying to figure it out.
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10 December, 2006

Trackbacks, Apologies, and Talking to Daran

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Marcella feels Publicly attacked by me:

Nobody checked to see if Daran’s missing trackback got caught in the spam filter or the like and simply assumed that his impression that he had been deliberately censored was correct. It was just assumed that I am one of those nasty feminists who … you can fill in the blank from what people have written.

I had already spoken with Amp about the trackbacks, and he had assured me that neither he, nor you had deliberately deleted the trackbacks. I am familiar with WordPress’s ability to randomly delete things outright, as well as the spam-fairy’s depredations, so I happily withdraw the allegation and apologise for assuming that they had been deleted intentionally.
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